St. Vincent De Paul Kindergarten

Welcome to the Online Application Portal for St. Elias’s High School.

The online application portal for Sr.KG to Std. 5 admissions will open on the 21st April 2017 at 11:00 a.m. and will close on the 23rd April 2017 at 5:00 p.m. Please note that the mobile number used to Register will be used for all communication, status updates etc. in regard to your application for admission. You will need scanned copies (jpeg or pdf files only) of the following documents in order to complete the application form.


  • Coloured Passport size photo of the child (45mm x 35 MM)
  • Family photo max width 10 cm
  • Please note that photo will be used for ID cards if child is selected

Parents Documents

  • Aadhaar card of Father/Mother
  • Residence Proof: Ration Card/Passport/Electric or Telephone bill
  • ID Proof: Passport/Voter ID/PAN card

Certificates & Reports

  • Completed application form, duly printed and signed by parents
  • Municipal Birth Certificate of the child
  • Baptism certificate of the child – in case of Christians only
  • Caste Certificate (in the Child’s name) – optional
  • Medical Certificate – compulsory in case of disability
Admission to Date of Birth From Date of Birth Till
Sr. KG
1st Feb 2012
31st Jan 2013
1st Jun 2011
31st May 2012


L.KG 2017

1.Fees to be paid on 28th February 2017 from 9 am to 12 noon only.

2.No fees will be accepted after 28th February 2017. Total amount is Rs.9900/-

3.If you do not pay the admission fees by 28th February 2017, the admission of your child stands canceled.

4.Bring the original birth certificate/church baptism certificate.

5.Kindly bring the child along with you on the date of paying the admission fees for uniform measurement.Uniform money will be charged extra.Uniform will be distributed on 8th June 2017 from  10 am to 11.30am.

6.Fees are not refundable.Please do not approach the Manager/Principal on this account.


Form ID
STELHS-2017-2018-1004827-Jr KG-0288
STELHS-2017-2018-1014196-Jr KG-0274
STELHS-2017-2018-1016035-Jr KG-0297
STELHS-2017-2018-1016107-Jr KG-0298
STELHS-2017-2018-1017426-Jr KG-0272
STELHS-2017-2018-1018244-Jr KG-0280
STELHS-2017-2018-1020345-Jr KG-0289
STELHS-2017-2018-1022315-Jr KG-0292
STELHS-2017-2018-1024089-Jr KG-0336
STELHS-2017-2018-1024749-Jr KG-0313
STELHS-2017-2018-1029679-Jr KG-0271
STELHS-2017-2018-1030638-Jr KG-0316
STELHS-2017-2018-1030660-Jr KG-0294
STELHS-2017-2018-1030662-Jr KG-0284
STELHS-2017-2018-1030697-Jr KG-0286
STELHS-2017-2018-1030718-Jr KG-0291
STELHS-2017-2018-1030732-Jr KG-0317
STELHS-2017-2018-1030764-Jr KG-0296
STELHS-2017-2018-1030871-Jr KG-0303
STELHS-2017-2018-1030909-Jr KG-0310
STELHS-2017-2018-1030965-Jr KG-0330
STELHS-2017-2018-1030992-Jr KG-0314
STELHS-2017-2018-1031121-Jr KG-0325
STELHS-2017-2018-1031235-Jr KG-0334
STELHS-2017-2018-1031308-Jr KG-0339
STELHS-2017-2018-1031464-Jr KG-0351
STELHS-2017-2018-1031606-Jr KG-0353
STELHS-2017-2018-1031504-Jr KG-0352
STELHS-2017-2018-1015488-Jr KG-0276