The month of June is a new beginning at school . If you look at each day as new beginning, you will feel happier, more energetic and more motivated . After  a long break  from our routine and hectic work and  having spent fruitful holidays with our families and friends we look forward  to be back to our Elysian family . St Elias High School welcomes you to experience the newness of life as the season of monsoon abounds  with lush greenery all around us . The colour green is always symbolized as growth, nurturing  and caring, and rejuvenation of our lives .Our hearts are  open and filled with loving feelings and thoughts. The feeling of togetherness and warm greetings of our Manager gives us a feeling of joy and happiness. We love to see the smiling faces of our students and staff members.

Let us then begin the academic year 2018-19 with lot of trust and hope in the  Almighty God. Let us then colour our lives and dream higher as we set our foot on the  soil of  St. Vincent De Paul Kindergarten and St.Elias  premises  on 15th June 2018 . Well our senior students of std X will be present on 12th June 2018. Our senior kindergarten students will be very happy to see their class so colourful with picturesque ambience. Thanks to our Manager Rev. Fr. Austin Norris who has spent his time and effort in doing his best for our little ones. And of  course we warmly welcome our new entrants on 22nd  June  –the junior kindergarten  students and wish them all fruitful and memorable years at school.