The school celebrated the 71st Independence Day with great pomp and happiness.

The Chief Guest Ms. Humera Ali along with her parents were accompanied in by our Manager Rev. Fr. Austin Norris and our Principal Rev. Sr. Philomena Sequiera. They were hauled and welcomed by our very own school band.

The programme that followed showcased the tremendous respect we should carry in our hearts for our country India, as well as for the freedom fighters who laid down their lives in order that we may have free India to dwell in.

The speeches, the dance and the songs made us come alive with the happenings of the past. As the speeches delivered were so simple and yet so inspiring carrying a message for each and everyone gathered.

Here it is only fitting to mention the chief guest’s message to her fellow comrades – wherein she urged them not to fear because fear weakens ones confidence.

The entire programme ended on a very patriotic note wherein everyone- went home with a feeling of oneness and belongingness to this beautiful country of ours, India, as the organizers left the value of Patriotism back to life in our hearts and in our actions too.