Mono-acting is a very interesting art from which evolves both acting as well as intelligence. The art has been perfected by very few people. On 20th July, 2015 St. Elias High School had held mono-acting competition. There was participation from students of all grades V to X. Many students participated enthusiastically performing acts of different leaders and great personalities.

There was much of inspiration that could be drawn from each participant as they portrait their character. Further more it made judging the event very difficult with tough competitions between the participants.
The winners of the Competition were as follows:-
1) Shamal Ingole
2) Abhishek Gupta
3) Mustafa Karachiwala
4) Juhi Giri
5) Pratiksha Nivedkar
6) Vjay Nool
7) Siddharth Cardoz
8) Prathmesh Mali