“You can have great teachers, but if you don’t have a good principal, you won’t have a good school.”
~ Eli Broad
Birthdays are good for health. Studies show those who have more birthdays live longer’

With the desire to wish good health and a longer life to our beloved principal Rev. Sr. Philomena Sequeira, a programme was organized by the school on 11th November,2017.
Our sister was escorted by our supervisor Mrs. Rekha Chorghe.
There was a prayer service organised by the teachers and students.
Later after the prayer service, our BJP(Mr. Baisane, Mr. John and Mr. Parab) group compared the whole program. Teachers sang old english melodies and sister cutting her birthday cake sideways.
Students, as well as the D. Ed.student teachers as well as the ex students who now work as teachers in the school, entertained the audience by various dances. Students and teachers presented their greeting cards, gifts and flowers to sister. It was indeed a memorable day in the like of sister… A day to cherish.