Our PTA works closely with the school

  • To ensure close co-operation,
  • To co-ordinate the efforts of parents and teachers towards the better formation of the student, and build an understanding between home and school.
  • To create an atmosphere of friendly relationship between the parents and the teachers by contacts between them.
  • To assist the school authorities by organising educational, cultural and social activities.
  • To direct and held ex-students to pursue higher studies.
1 President Sr.Philomena Sequeira (H.M)
2 Vice President Mrs.Zainab Karachiwala (VI C)
3 Secretary Mrs.Ronita (TEACHER)
4 Jt.Secretary Mts.Ninette Rana (VIIC)
5 Class Tr. Mrs. Hazel Coelho(TEACHER)
6 Class Tr. Miss. Mishel Andrades (TEACHER)
7 Class Tr. Mrs. Salome De Souza (TEACHER)
8 Class Tr. Mrs. Sangita Sonawane (TEACHER)
9 Class Tr. Miss. Montina Carvalho (TEACHER)
10 Treasurer Mrs. Helen Fernandes (Sr. Clerk)
11 Supervisor Mrs. Teresa D’ Souza
12 Member Mr. Anthony Fernandes (V A)
13 Member Mr. Hitesh Raval (V B)
14 Member Mrs. Julie Cardoz (V C)
15 Member Mrs. Sarika Kadam (VI A)
16 Member Mr. More Pratik (VI B)
17 Member Mrs.Sayali Jadhav (VII A)
18 Member Mrs.Samrudhi Bhat (VII B)
19 Member Mrs.Meghna Ghag (VIII A)
20 Member Mrs.Gauri Chudasama (VIII B)
21 Member Mrs.Kishori Pawar (VIII C)
22 Member Mr.Sudhir Jadhav (IX A)
23 Member Mrs.Julie D”Souza (IX B)
24 Member Mr.John Cardoz (IX C)
25 Member Mrs.Mangala Warekar (X A)
26 Member Mrs.Karishma Shetty (X B)
27 Member Mrs.Seema Solanki ( X

 Primary PTA Members


1) Manager Fr. Milton Gonsalves
2) Head Teacher Mrs. Plassy Braganza
3) Teacher Miss Francisca Fernandes    (1B )
4) Teacher  Mrs. Vijaya Shetty            ( 2 B )
5) Teacher Mrs. Sandra Miranda           (3B)
6) Teacher Mrs. Varsha Shetty              (4 B)
7) Member Mr. Mahesh Dakhe          (1 A)
8) Member Mrs. Minakshi Pitale           (1B )
9) Member Mr. Preetam Parlekar         (1C)
10) Member Mr. Santosh Kadam             (2A)
11) Member Mrs. Grishma Gaikar             (2B)
12) Member Mrs. Jennifer D’costa           (2C)
13) Member Mrs. Bhumika Gogawale       (3A)
14) Member Mrs. Bajshree Kadam             (3B)
15) Member Mrs. Laxmi Chavan               (3C)
16) Member Mrs. Shahna Shaikh                (4A)
17) Member Mrs. Mumtaz Sheikh             (4B)
18) Member Mrs. Varsha Mohite                 (4C)