Room I

Space Expedition

The Mars Orbiter Mission also known as Mangalyaan has made our country proud. Let’s journey through this space craft  and marvel at the  intricacies of this new technological development

Room II

Evolution of man- made problems

Human being is the most intelligent creature on the planet Earth. We have utilised natural resources on earth as well as in space. But today we are facing grave problems like pollution, space debris, e-garbage and harmful mobile radiation etc. and trying to make people aware and come to terms with it.

Room  III

Communication, Communication the ultimate…….

Is to communicate from here to there

We have no time to spare for we want to share

Right from our roots to our outer shoots.

The sky is no limit and space can now be our summit…..

This is what we will all experience in the journey of man,


Room IV

Evolution of Skills

Evolution and revolution has brought about changes in our day to day existence. And in order to survive we need various skills that will surely enhance our lives. Development of  life skills and  artistic work of our hands has thus helped man to live on this planet Earth – be it ancient, medieval or modern

Room V

Our Solar System

Evolution cannot happen on its own. There has to be a lightning. The next room takes on a journey back through time and space and shows us a glimpse of the universe – our Solar System – our Earth, where life began and evolved into its present day forms. However the question that intrigues us still is, “How did the universe originate?” ,that’s the question for us to ponder upon.

Room VI


Creativity is at its peak in the minds of our tiny tots. Their imagination has taken them beyond our expectations. The evolution of art and craft and the display of the work of their hands  will leave us astonished. The glimpse of live scenes of the  birth of Jesus will lead us into the festive mood of Christmas.


Evolution Of Man

Since the beginning of man’s evolution .

The tools of progress have witnessed a revolution .

From ages old to modern days.

From chisels and hammers to laser rays.

Each step astride for all mankind.

Each stride a leap  forward never behind