Well the school commenced on the 15th of June 2017 at 7.10 am. The day began on a very joyful note as we at St. Elias High School proudly welcomed our new Manager Rev. Fr. Austin Norris & Rev. Fr. Ashlyn Chand into the Institution and were also accompanied by Rev. Fr. Xavier Pinto and our Principal Rev. Sr. Philomena Sequeira.

They were ushered in by the school band and further greeted and welcomed in the Indian way viz with Aarti ceremony and a gift of a plant was given to each of them and a brief introduction was also given about the two new Priest.
The morning assembly too was a special one as the children were all prayed for at very onset of a new beginning.
They were further addressed by the Manager as well as the Principal and the morning programme ended with the National anthem & School anthem being sung.
The day’s programme concluded with the Eucharistic celebration by Rev. Fr. Austin Norris at 12.00 noon at the church of St. Vincent de Paul.