The first day of school is fun for students, as lessons are seldom taught, and they get to enjoy the entire day with classmates.

           The deserted looks that occupied most of the schools of the city during their summer vacation was replaced by the hustle-bustle of children as majority of the schools of the city reopened on Wednesday 15th June. Teachers came before the students did and had their two days orientation on life skills conducted by Dr. Ravikala Kamanth.

            Dressed in new uniforms, children could be seen carrying their backpacks to schools early morning. Children were excited to meet their friends and teachers after vacations.

             Sr. Philomena had arranged prayer service and a small skit enacted by teachers to welcome the students back to school. Sister also introduced the new supervisor Mrs. Rekha Chorghe. After school Fr. Vianney celebrated the mass for the staff and the students asking for God’s blessings for the academic year.

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