An important event in any school is the elocution competition and so, we at St. Elias High School ,Primary section, had our English elocution competition on Saturday, September the 22nd in our school hall. The competition was divided into two groups. Group 1 comprised of Stds 1 and 2 while Group 2 comprised of Stds 3 and 4.Three constants from each class participated. Our compares were Teachers Stella and Claudine for Stds 1 and 2 while Teachers Sandra and Ruhi compared Stds 3 and 4.The judges were Mrs. Pearl Fernandes and Mrs. Neeta Faife. 

  It was a delight to hear and watch all our contestants deliver their respective poems. Our judges gave their critical appreciation and our manager Rev. Fr. Austin Norris gave the children his valuable insights.The competition  ended with a vote of thanks delivered by our Headmistress Mrs. Plassey Braganza.