Loksatta Yashasvi Bhava (YB) has been trusted by S.S.C students every year for 12 years. Loksatta is one of the most widely read marathi daily newspaper in Maharashtra, India. it is published by Indian Express group. The Yashasvi Bhava is a annual X std study series that both students and parents look forward to. It is the best and most comprehensive X std Maharashtra Board Exam preparation study series. 

And we Elysians are proud to flaunt our senior teacher SANGITA SONAWANE's achievement, who got an opportunity and made the best of it to write the Science article for S.S.C students all over Mumbai in the Yashasvi Bhava section. It appeared in print on the 5th of July. Teacher Sangita has a teaching experience of 23 years in St. Elias and has been an experienced S.S.C board Examiner of science for 8 years and a moderator for 10 years. She has really made we Elysians proud in and out of school.