On  the 4th of July 2015 a solemn ceremony was conducted in the Managers office wherein the newly elected student leaders took charge of their offices.

                It was indeed a proud moment for the Elysian Primary Section as the leaders received their badges from the Manager Rev.Fr. Milton Gonsalves.
             The ceremony was held with lots of enthusiasm and gusto . It was initiated with a  prayer followed by the newly elected students taking an oath in front of the whole school to be true to their posts and duties assigned to them.
            The Manager Rev.Fr. Milton Gonsalves congratulated the newly elected leaders and delivered a motivational speech emphasizing on the true meaning and significance of leadership.
             The school choir added to the effectiveness of the programme with an inspirational song.
              The ceremony was concluded with the school anthem. It was a memorable day for St  Elias High School.