On 14th,  Jan.2015 Ourchildren of Std. VII belonging to the CMCA had the Swacha Bharat Abhiyan. It was a privilege for us to have the Deputy Mayor of Mumbai Mrs. Alka Kerkar and the local MLA   Mr. Ashish  Shelar  also present for the cleanliness drive. The Manager Fr. Milton Gonsalves  along with the teacher  Ms. Mishel  Andrades  , Mrs. Neelima  Widge and the CMCA students were all geared to participate in this drive and to clear the garbage bin that is just outside  our school .The BMC also did a good job of cleaning the place thoroughly. Our children spared no efforts and charged up with the spirit of enthusiasm  climbed the stairs of the building and explained to them the concept of separation of wet and dry garbage. All local vendors and shopkeepers were requested not to throw the garbage in the dustbin which is split over and is left on the roads with no place for the children to walk to and fro to school. They were also told to collect the garbage in garbage bins provided to them and the BMC will do the needful of picking it up. Let’s keep our place clean and the roads of  Mumbai clean